3D is 2D and what goes around comes around

So I do 3D, I do a lot of processes to get to 3D and the story behind this will unfold so please bear with me...
I've always wanted to create an etched design and found that this would be the best platform for creating quick visuals and yet hopefully pleasing visuals...
First part of the process was to create my initial asset to drive the design. I really love that etched drawn look at the moment, so I wanted to reproduce it as best I could.

I can't draw for toffee, but then if I drew it, drawing 120 frames of it animating would be a tad repetitive eh!?
Everything apart from the text / bubbles animating up the can are 3D assets (100%). Particular for AE was used for the bubbles, and the text and layered elements were all composed with AE.
Screen grab from MODO, NPR 2.1 being used to get my etched look. Sculpted (lo-res) berries, animated components using oscillators to give a wind blown feel, whilst animating the leaves to grow.

The freedom to generate any camera angle is the driving force here, as we know, direction changes a lot during any development phase.

Final assets produced with Cinema4D and the almighty Octane Render.

So play it sensible, spend time up front and create Master assets for the future...

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