It's all about fabrics / composites, this will be updated over time, including new fabrics and quite possibly anything composite material based :)
Jersey Dress - this was a tough gig due to the amount of crashes I had during this production (PC is quite old now, maybe MODO was a little unstable too), but it was a joy using traditional modelling / sculpting and UV work :)
Jersey Dress (a selection of frames)
Various Albedo textures - this was created for the lo-poly asset in mind (although the shoe was modelled using subD techniques - my go to method of modelling)
Neutral shoe with 100% 4k crop (inset)
Just another Clay render
Realtime Asset
Extreme close-up

Using Materialize to give me some more control such as specular highlighting on the stripes
A few Filter Forge varations on the bow tie
Just another multi-res sculpt to add in some additional creases
A little "Syflex" with additional sculpting overlayed
A little detail capture to show the sculpting levels
How can we make a Chesterfield (subD / morph target to mix it up / bend modifier) - allow for quick testing and easy modelling in one axis! No sculpting yet, and a very simple morph to add a tiny bit of variation to the modelled folds.

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